Day of Mourning

Sisters and Brothers, today is the Day of Mourning.

Please join us tonight at 7pm in the Atoka House at Cranberry Resort.

What is the Day of Mourning?

“In 1988, an NDP resolution, passed unanimously in the Ontario legislature, recognized April 28 as the Provincial Day of Mourning. In 1991, a Private Member’s Bill, sponsored by the NDP, proclaimed April 28 of each year as the National Day of Mourning. According to the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), events commemorating the day of mourning are now held in nearly 100 countries. The Day of Mourning is now a global event.” - Wayne Samuelson, President of The Ontario Federation of Labour, in their Day of Mourning statement

“Over the last decade, the number of Canadians who die every year because of something that happened to them at work has been steadily growing. In 1998, the number stood at 809. In 2005, the number was 35.5% higher.” - Canadian Labour Congress


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Recognising Brother Murray Doupe for his dedication

Murray Doupe, a paramedic for forty years in Collingwood, and member of OPSEU for 30 years, served the Collingwood & District Labour Council as a Delegate for 25 years; with being Vice President for five years, and President for twenty years.

Brother Murry Doupe represented labour in various community developments, in health, training, and in education.

The Collingwood and District Labour Council observes the National Day of Mourning each Tuesday April 28th. This year the council is also celebrating and recognising Brother Murray Doupe’s many years of service to the Labour Council.

Some points about Brother Doupe:

  • Held a Day of Action in Collingwood, with workers, and with Gord Wilson, the OFL President, attending.
  • Supported striking workers both with financial aid and support on the picket line.
  • Organized petition and met with Ontario Government in Queens Park to fight for the restructuring of the General & Marine Hospital.  Gerard Kennedy came to Collingwood to take part in a radio show and toured the hospital; Gerard presented the petition at Queens Park and Brother Doupe was in Queens Park when it was presented.  As a result the hospital got an additional eight million.
  • Organized a petition to keep the hospital emergency department opens 24 hours when it was going to be closed from 11pm to 7 am.   As a result the Emergency dept was kept open.
  • Worked with workers from Harding Carpets to get a fair settlement when the plants closed.  Did a show for TV about the results of plant closings in Collingwood.
  • Helped set up the help centre after Nacan closed.
  • Did a radio interview with CBC about the closing of the Shipyard & Harding Carpets.
  • Held weekend schools here in Collingwood with people attending from Grey Bruce, Midland, Orillia-Muskoka, Barrie and Collingwood Labour Councils.
  • Helped workers both unionized or not with work related problems, where to get the help they needed.
  • Held the National Day of Mourning every year.
  • With the Labour Council as a Board Trustee of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital for six years.
  • Paramedic for forty years in Collingwood.
  • Member of OPSEU for 30 years.
  • Delegate for 25 years Collingwood & District Labour Council; Vice President for 5 years, and President for 20 years.
  • Member of the Collingwood Community Economic Development Committee for four years
  • Labour Director on the Bruce, Grey, Huron, Perth, Georgian Triangle Training Board in Walkerton for the Federal & Provincial Government for ten years; nine years as the Labour Co-chair.
  • Georgian College Board for five years.
  • Sat on the Industrial Committee for the town of Collingwood five years & went to Ottawa to meet with the Federal Government to bring industry to Collingwood.
  • Worked with 211 committee to get it started.
  • Took part in Days of Action in various cities, including Peterbough, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Toronto.


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Brother Murray Doupe, and National Day of Mourning

April 28, 2009

The Collingwood and District Labour Council will be observing the National Day of Mourning on Tuesday April 28th. As well, we are celebrating and recognizing Brother Murray Doupe’s many years of service to Labour Council.

This event will take place at the ATOKA House at Cranberry Resort beginning at 7 PM. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN VENUE!  We are at the Atoka House not in the Watts Room at Cranberry.

 To get to the Atoka House take Hwy 26 West out of Collingwood past the Canadian Tire to the next set of lights which is Harbour Street. Turn left onto Harbour Street (heading west) and follow the road right up to the Golf Course. When you get to a building that looks like an Old Railway Station stay to the left and park in lower parking lot. We are not in the Railway Station Building… but the Atoka House (it is white in colour) and is located at the first tee. 

We would like to see as many people as possible out to recognize Murray and thank him for his dedication to working people. 

In Solidarity

Ian Tudor


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